What Is The Covid-19 Situation Like In Your Area Today?

The other day I was having a conversation over the phone with a friend of mine who lives in the UK. He was worried about me, and I told him that people here have stopped freaking out about the whole Covid-19 situation because our statistics have remained stagnant for quite a while now. I do expect things to get worse, but why are things moving so slowly here while the numbers have spiked up for many other countries? I’ve always believed us to be an overly-social population. After all, we greet everyone – including strangers – by kissing them on the cheek. Why have the virus not [yet] spread like wildfire over here?

It seems that the UK is in “lockdown”; everyone has to remain indoors. Everyone seems to be overusing that word these days so I don’t know if the so-called “draconian” measure is exactly what they’ve imposed on their population. Here in Seychelles people call it a “partial-lockdown”. The reality of the matter is that it’s just self-confinement or as they call it in Singapore “circuit breaker”. We are just advised to stay at home, workers from non-essential fields should be working from home. But we are all allowed to go to the stores. There is an imposed curfew for all stores, they have to be closed by 6:30 pm. I use the word “imposed” very lightly. Everyone is still roaming around. Drive out to go see a friend or a family member, and if the police stops you at one of their checkpoints you can just tell them you want to go to the grocery store to buy food and they’ll let you go.

The latest statistics here is as follows:

Total Cases: 11
Recovered: 2
Deaths: 0
Active Cases: 9

My friend has been in self-confinement since January if I remember correctly. Things weren’t even that bad back then but he was very pessimistic at the time (and now we have realized how realistic and intuitive he was back then).

The statistics are quite staggering in the UK:

Total Cases: 88,621
Recovered: 76,948
Deaths: 11,329
Active Cases: N/A

Source for statistics: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Date: 14th April 2020

There have been no deaths so far in this country, so nobody really cares about distancing themselves from their family, friends and neighbours. We are all supposed to be staying home and going out only when absolutely necessary. However, boredom hits home so you feel like visiting someone close e.g. your neighbours without realizing that they might have been exposed to people other than those in their household. This is a serious matter. But we don’t realize how serious it is here because nobody here has been affected by Covid-19 in the same way people in e.g. Europe has where they actually know people who have died from it.

If this gets really bad here, and people start to understand the importance of staying home the hard way, only then will it be too late to do anything about it.

All this makes me think about the psychological & social implications that this pandemic is causing. Let’s explore this further:

Psychological & Social Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic

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2 thoughts on “What Is The Covid-19 Situation Like In Your Area Today?

  1. The situation is not stable, we have a high number of deaths in relation to the number of injuries
    The number of deaths now represents 7% to 10%, and I think this will pose a risk in the future if the situation continues like this
    We have now in Egypt more than 2500 Cases .

  2. Situation can very quickly get out of control. The number of deaths is increasing with every passing day. In my area government has closed down schools, colleges, universities, offices and major shopping malls. Only grocery stores and banks are allowed to operate. But they are not enforcing the lockdown strictly. People are moving around freely many aren’t even wearing protection e.g. masks and gloves. What needs to be done to stop the spread is that they must enforce the lockdown strictly. Anybody who comes out of their homes must be fined or punished in some way.

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