3 thoughts on “What Medications Are You Currently On?

  1. At the moment I am not receiving any medicine, praise be to ِAllah, but in the family there are those who take prescription medications and depend on natural herbs at times.

  2. I take ergotamine quite often for my headaches. I don’t know if it’s good or bad to take often but my headaches can get pretty bad. The pharmacy near my place just give it out without a prescription.

  3. Ezeday, Rosubar and Lasix. I was diagnosed with minimal change disease back in 2018. I am alergic to salt and eating excess beaf or mutton gives me swelling in my legs. Occasionally I have high blood pressure. So I take three pills to be on the safe side. One of them is to get rid of bad cholesterol. Doctor suggested me to get rid of excess fat in my body but I just don’t have time for gym because of hectic routine.

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