The Pros and Cons of the Effects Vaccines have on the Human Body

Are there any side effects of the vaccine on the human body? Yes, but it doesn’t make any real difference. Vaccines are biologically prepared where they bring the pathogen is brought in a lab to be adjusted and injected in the patient in several forms as a vaccine. These microorganisms work as an agent and induce the body’s immunity system to recognize this agent as a threat, kill it then destroy any similar microorganisms related to this agent in future encounters. In this article, we will reveal the pros vs. cons of vaccine injections.

How is it Prepared?

The pathogen causing the disease is brought. Then, it’s weakened so it wouldn’t reproduce or replicate. Finally, the vaccine will contain the following:
• Either Protein or sugar from the pathogen’s cell
• Dead or an inactive form of the pathogen
• Toxins made by the pathogen in the form of toxoid
• Severely weakened pathogen

Below is the comparison between the pros and cons of the effects that vaccines have on the human body.

Pros of Vaccine Injections

  1. It reduces the risk of infections by the specific disease by 40% and up to 90%.
  2. By protecting yourself from these diseases, you protect the ones around you and your whole society.
  3. The majority of vaccines are safe; it will do good but no harm, as the FDA can approve or deny any vaccine before. So, it’s carefully researched before being passed to the FDA.
  4. It will save you much money by preventing several illnesses that are costly to cure.
  5. It could be lifesaving for you, as it keeps you healthy and immune to several diseases for your whole life.
  6. It naturally plays a vital role in preventing diseases in the long run by reducing the chances of the virus or the disease being passed from a woman to her fetus. For example, smallpox disease that was spread worldwide had been eliminated by the consistent use of vaccines and no longer existed in the world. So, we are no longer in need of such a vaccine.

Cons of Vaccinations

  1. Vaccines are made of diverse components. So, it may have several temporary side effects. Some of them are rare, and some are common such as headache, fatigue, or a loss of appetite, redness. Furthermore, it could be a swelling at the injection site, pain, muscle weakness, or fever.
  2. Rare temporary side effects are complete muscle paralysis at the injection site, sleep disturbances, hearing or vision loss, or memory loss.
  3. In some cases, an allergic reaction was reported. Also, these individuals have experienced the same allergic reactions later on in the future. It may also cause a neurological side effect like a seizure. But chances are meager for this to happen.
  4. Some people that have weak immunity are more prone to side effects of the vaccines. They shouldn’t be vaccinated, or it should be done under the close supervision of a health care specialist.
  5. The chance of getting sick from the disease you are vaccinated against is possible.


Overall, vaccinations are life-saving and essential for your child and yourself. Chances of side effects, severe harm, or even death – if you have heard about that somewhere- are extremely rare to none. Vaccines will do good and mostly no damage except for temporarily side effects; it will protect your life and those around you.

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