Why Is There An Rapidly Growing Interest In Alternative Medical Treatments?

Have you come across the term “integrative medicine”? Currently, the term “alternative medicine” is being replaced by “integrative medicine.” These approaches are being used as complementary methods in treating or preventing several serious diseases such as cancer. In this article we explain why alternative medicine is a growing trend and list some examples below.

Alternative Medicine

Lots of people are relying on alternative medicine, especially in the United States of America, Where there are more than half of adults, where methods have been developed to relieve pain and treat physical and mental problems by humans as methods and methods of treatment have been inherited for several generations through the ages and some of them were approved before Doctors and Now the World Health Organization has decided to change the name of alternative medicine to Complementary medicine and adopt a new strategy for it starting from the year 2014 to the year 2023 to develop it and adopt the methodology and scientific research in its application.

The name of complementary medicine is more comprehensive and broader because it complements The doctor’s role and is not a substitute for it as it was rumored, as health authorities have now begun many studies and scientific research during the past years, especially in the field of Chinese medicine, cupping therapy, herbal therapy, chiropractic, Ozone therapy and others helped in Strengthening the scientific aspect of some types of Complementary medicine.

History of Alternative Methods

In the past alternative medicines were known to be exercised by a shaman, a crackpot, or a charlatan. As a result, this term was resisted by many people recently. Eventually, alternative medical approaches such as herbs, spices, acupuncture, and supplements started being accepted by several healthcare institutions in the USA.

In fact, the market size of alternative medicine has reached USD 70 billion in value by 2019. Moreover, these approaches are widely spreading in Western Europe and the USA. Despite still being some resistance to these approaches by pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and some medical groups, the trends are growing since there is a significant demand for these methods.

Alternative Medicine Methods

  1. Acupuncture / Acupressure

It is one of the techniques of Chinese medicine and uses needles to stimulate specific areas of the body and can be useful in many cases such as neck pain, back, nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and sterility.

  1. Chiropractic Medicine

Its goal is to reduce pain, improve body functions, and help the body heal naturally through various techniques that a specialist specializes in controlling the spine and other parts of the patient’s body. Some studies have found that chiropractic treatment is not only beneficial in relieving back pain, but can also help in some other diseases, such as headache, neck pain, and joint problems.

  1. Energy Treatments

Magnetic field therapy where the magnetic field or electricity is used to treat several bone and muscle problems which may help treat fractures faster and may be useful in treating pain and arthritis problems

  1. Touch Therapy

The therapist uses his energy to identify and fix patient energy disorders.

  1. Natural Herbal Remedy

Where plant parts are used as a treatment, according to the World Health Organization 80% of people around the world use herbal remedies, and some studies have found that herbs have been successful in treating some health problems such as allergies Premenstrual Syndrome and chronic fatigue

  1. Cupping

It has been popularized by athletes these days to reduce pain, inflammation, increase blood flow, and relaxation by using cups to suction either through heat or through mechanical pumps on the surface of the skin.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is used as a treatment for the body and mind, and it works to reduce stress, reduce stress, and restore energy flow across meridians Yoga is a safe and risky practice.

Benefits of Alternative Medicine: –

Health care physicians have become more open and receptive to alternative medicine and the benefits it can provide to the body. Below is a statement of the most prominent advantages of alternative medicine that its advocates embrace.

1- It treats the actual cause of the disease as it heals the leading cause of pain, while the general medicine treats the symptoms caused by the illness or pain.
2- It improves the patient’s quality of life, not just relieving pain.
3- Safer due to the use of natural remedies.
4- Safer due to the use of natural remedies.
5- Does not cause serious side effects; if it does not help, then it will not harm.
6- The cost of treatment is low.
7- The therapist can be easily and quickly accessed with their availability, etc.

For this reason, Integrative medicine not only became a complementary method for primary medicine for many people, but it also became the primary medicine to prevent illness and diseases before it happens for quite a good amount of people.

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